GanaControl RSN
GanaControl RSN
Frequently Asked Questions2023-08-27T21:15:30-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my design or functionality change?2023-06-22T11:45:09-06:00

Not at all, only your speed will be improved- you will have your exact same design and back-end functionality at all times.

How can I trust you with the privacy of our data?2023-06-22T11:38:30-06:00

With every project, we can provide an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) hand-signed by management. Please request one if necessary to

How can I cancel and what is your guarantee?2023-06-22T11:24:02-06:00

We offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee if we do not deliver the results as promised. This almost never happens, please write to

Will there be any extra costs?2023-06-22T11:24:02-06:00

No, we deliver your project from start to finish without extra costs.
However, we do offer an optional hosting service which guarantees maximum speed for an additional fee.

What is the delivery time for your speed service?2023-06-22T11:24:02-06:00

In most cases, projects will be completed in less than 7 days- however depending on current workload, we may require a total of 30 days.

What credentials are needed to begin the website speed service?2023-06-22T11:24:02-06:00
We require an administrator level username and password for WordPress. In practice, most projects can be completed with only that access. If your project requires any additional access we will request it from you in 2-3 from the start.